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IPOWER - Indian Potential Offshore Wind Energy Resource

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The data contained in this website was derived by combining QuikSCAT (1999-2009), OSCAT (2010-2014) and ASCAT (2012-2016) scatterometer wind speeds (10 m above the sea surface) with 0.125deg. uniform spatial grid over the Indian Ocean (Long: 65oE-100 deg. E and Lat: 0o-25 deg. N) at monthly interval. Wind speeds at different heights were estimated using logarithmic law. Wind Power Density was estimated using Weibull scale and shape parameters. Power production was estimated using an approximate power curve of some commercially available turbines. The turbine parameter data were obtained from As the data is purely satellite based, there might be inherent errors either in wind speed measurements or in the computation. Validation of the data is under progress. Hence, the user is advised to use the data from this website for informational and educational purpose only. The SAC/ISRO/VEDAS shall not be made responsible for any loss or damage incurred. For any suggestions or improvement, you may kindly write to

15 m/s 3000 kW 3000 W/m2 0 m/s 0 kW 0 W/m2