Space Applications Centre (SAC) is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is one of the major centre of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Premises of Centre covers vast area and also well known for maintaining greenery. As there is a plethora of benefits of tree plantation, from health to environmental impact, to economics and even psychological effects, Tree Plantation and their maintenance are regular activities at SAC. Therefore, To include the employees as part of Tree plantation drive is a new initiative at centre. Idea behind this initiative is that people get personally attached to the trees that they have planted and also interested in monitoring of their plants. So, Idea behind development of "Web-GIS based application for Tree Plantation & Monitoring" originated from this concept.

Developed Web-GIS application facilitate users to visualize and monitor tree plantation activities going on at centre. By clicking on any tree icon, user can get related information like employee name who planted a tree, date of plantation, tree type and many more. It also provides a basic functionalities of pan, zoom, select and many more. In Future, Monitoring of tree growth can be made possible through this website.

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