New and Renewable Energy Application developed under VEDAS using WebGIS based technology provides information on monthly/yearly solar and wind energy potential along with related parameters. Such information is required for locating potential sites for extracting / tapping New and Renewable Energy resources. Solar Calculator Mobile app is developed to assess solar energy potential (2009 onwards) estimated from Indian remote sensing satellites INSAT 3D/3DR in tabular and graphical formats inclusing monthly insolationand temperature profile, sunshine hours, day length, and sun path for location provided by the user. The user provides a location in the form of geographical co-ordinates by keying in or clicking on the. It provides information in tabular and graphical format and interactive web maps Developed solar site selection tool facilitates a potential user for identifying suitable sites for installing solar power plants. Application is provided with three tabs shown in bottom and map area for geosatial data visualisation anad analysis. Tabs include:

    1. Reference Layers
    2. Data & Analysis
    3. Tools and Charts

  1. Reference Layers :
  2. As seen in the Figure 1, Referance layers tab include four sub tabs Administrative, Infrastructure, Imagery and Others. Administrative Layers contains Cities/Towns, Administrative boundaries, Administrative Boundary from Bhuvan and base maps from MapMyIndia. Infrastructure tab contains National Highways, Railway tracks /stations and airports. Imagery tab contains High Resolution satellite imagery from Bhuvan and other images including Cartosat-I, Mosaic (2.5m), RISAT Mosaic (18m), LISS-III Mosaic (24m), AWiFS Mosaic (56m), INSAT-Visible (1km) and INSAT-Thermal IR (4km). Others tab contains Open Street Map (OSM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Survey of India (SOI) Grid at 1 degree and 15 minutes interval and Rivers/Streams .

    Figure 1: Reference Layers in New and Renewable Energy

  3. Data & Analysis :
  4. Data & Analysis tab consists of four sub tabs Solar, Wind, forecast and others.. Solar Tab includes Annual Average Insolation [Avg: 2009-21] layer generated from every half an hour solar insolation product estimated from INSAT 3D/3DR, montlhy solar insolation (available 2009 onwards), monthly optimum tilt angle estimated using solar insolation product estimated using INSAT 3D images, National institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) Products, Offshore monthly solar Insolation over ocean and Solar Calculator User Info (showing noumber of users). Monthly Solar Insolation (Bhattacharya, et al., 2013) products are generated using data derived from INSAT series of satellites as per the following details:
    Satellite Data Period
    INSAT-3A / Kalpana-1 2009-2015
    INSAT-3D 2015-2023
    INSAT-3DR 2004 Onwards

    These products are updated automatically on completion of every month.

    Figure 2: Data & Analysis in New and Renewable Energy

  5. Tools and Charts
  6. Under Tools and Charts menu, Feature Info, Solar Calculator, and Solar Site Selection Tool options are available. Feature Info facilitates to provide information for the given layer at clicked location on visible layer in the map. Solar Calculator provides the information about solar insolation, temperature, tilt angle, DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance), GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiance), day length, and sun path in tabular and graphical format for clicked location on the map. User can also download this information in PDF format. By clicking on the Solar Site Selection Tool link, user is redirected to another web application. It is a tool for performing multi criteria analysis based on various parameters to visualise optimum area to install solar power plants.

    Figure 3.1: Tools and Charts