Village Level Vegetation Monitoring Using Resourcesat Data

Status of vegetation at village level plays an important role to assist policy makers as a decision support feature. Space Applications Centre, SAC/ISRO Ahmedabad has developed an automated system to compute village level NDVI through Visualisation of Earth observation Data and Archival System (VEDAS).

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Antarctica : Larsen C Rift Propagation and Calving as seen since 5th April 2017


Rift Propagation and ice calving of Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Calving of ice took place between July 10th and 12th. AMHTDG Team was watching the event closely. Ice disintegration was of the order of ~ 6200 km2 out of ~ 50000 km2. The event presently will not raise the sea level, but the instability of the shelf and increased ice flow from Ice Sheet may altogether change the scenario.


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