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 National Emblem Vedas Logo Visualisation of Earth Observation Data and Archival System
Space Applications Centre  Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organisation
Sr NoCodeTrainingStart DateEnd datePaticipentsInstitutesGroup Photo
1T20191109031Advanced Geospatial Technology26 November 201929 November 20192114Group Photo
2T20191008030Cryospheric Applications using Space Based Observations14 October 201918 October 20192512Group Photo
3T20190907029AI,ML and Deep Learning for Geospatial data19 September 201920 September 2019261Group Photo
4T20190806028Remote Sensing Applications in Forest, Environment & Climate Change19 August 201923 August 20192417Group Photo
5T20190605027Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics - Basics10 June 201914 June 20192113Group Photo
6T20190404026Satellite based Wetland Monitoring and Assesment30 April 201902 May 20192818Group Photo
7T20190403025Hyperspectral and SAR Interferometry04 April 201905 April 2019291Group Photo
8T20190302024Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics - Basics11 March 201915 March 20192111Group Photo
9T20190101023Agricultural Applications using Space Based Observations21 January 201925 January 20192620Group Photo
10T20181110022Analysis of Planetary science data sets from Chandrayaan 1 and Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) missions13 November 201816 November 2018238Group Photo
11T20181009021Calibration and Validation of Satellites sensors and derived products22 October 201826 October 2018132Group Photo
12T20180908020SAR Data Processing and Analysis for Land Applications with Special Emphasis on L & S Bands24 September 201828 September 20182518Group Photo
13T20180807019Hyper-Spectral Science and Applications27 August 201831 August 20182013Group Photo
14T20180806018SAR Data Processing and Analysis for Land Applications with Special Emphasis on L & S Bands06 August 201810 August 20183227Group Photo
15T20180505017Satellite based Hydrology and Modelling02 May 201811 May 20183015Group Photo
16T20180404016Remote Sensing and GIS - Basics24 April 201827 April 201898Group Photo
17T20180303015Desertification and Land Degradation: Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment and Combating Plans14 March 201822 March 20183517Group Photo
18T20180202014Short course on Wetland Applications Remote Sensing and GIS21 February 201822 February 201873Group Photo
19T20180201013Agricultural Applications using Space Based Observations05 February 201809 February 20182013Group Photo
20T20171008012SAR and HyperSpectral Data Analysis for Forest Applications30 October 201703 November 20172412Group Photo
21T20171007011Crysopheric Applications using Space based Observations04 October 201712 October 20172114Group Photo
22T20170806010Satellite based Hydrology and modelling08 August 201711 August 20172914Group Photo
23T20170605009Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics -Basics With Special Emphasis on marine Applications13 June 201716 June 2017187Group Photo
24T20170404008Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics - Basics25 April 201728 April 20172413Group Photo
25T20170303007Training on Chandrayan-1 TMC and HySI data analysis01 March 201703 March 20172117Group Photo
26T20170202006Handling of MARS Orbiter Mission (MOM) Data (MCC, MSM and TIS)28 February 201701 March 20172624Group Photo
27T20170101005Hyperspectral remote sensing with AVIRIS-NG data over India04 January 201706 January 20173726Group Photo
28T20161204004Polarimetric SAR data Processing and Analysis20 December 201621 December 20162212Group Photo
29T20161203003Satellite based Hydrology and modeling12 December 201616 December 2016179Group Photo
30T20160802002Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics -Basics30 August 201602 September 20162010Group Photo
31T20160601001Satellite Calibration and Validation13 June 201617 June 201643Group Photo