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Space Applications Centre  Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organisation

Research Areas

Following section gives broad spectrum of topics for consideration of research. The problems need to be addressed using predominantly Indian sensor data and products such as RISAT (RADAR Imaging Satellite), AWiFS (Advanced Wide Field Sensors), LISS (Linear Imaging and Self Scanning) and INSAT CCD (Charged Couple Device) data. Other Indian sensor data are also available. The technique development and modeling are expected from the candidates. The research topic would be chosen by the students in consultation with the research committee of SAC and participating agency through discussions/interactions. However, some of the topics suggested below would provide broad directions to the potential trainees on the broader issues which may be sharpened to begin with. A tentative list of possible (but not restricted to) research problems under various themes are listed below:

Agriculture Ecosystems Wetland Ecosystems Mangrove Ecosystems Coral Reef Ecosystems Forest Ecosystem Mineral Exploration Cryosphere Biological Oceanography Snow and Glacier Hydrological studies Urban study Planetary Sciences Other Studies