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Space Applications Centre  Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organisation

Smart India Hackathon 2023

Problem Statements of ISRO - Department of Space

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SR.No Problem Statements Experts Data
1 Identification of place names from a natural language sentence Shri. Pankaj Bodani (
Shri. Arpit Agarwal (
Shri. Nitin Mishra (
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2 Change detection due to human activities Shri. S.S. Rajashekhar (
Dr. Chandra Kanth
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3 Generation of Hazard map at 1m grid spacing (1m height resolution) using 5m spatial resolution data for safely navigating a Lander to a safe landing site using Super resolution techniques Shri. Amitabh (
Shri. K Suresh (
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4 Development of NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM via internet protocol) Caster, NTRIP Client and Server on web or mobile platform Shri. Girish Khare (
Dr. Vimalkumar Bhandari (
Ghanshyam J Doshi (
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5 Development of Explainable AI (XAI) based model for prediction of heavy /high impact rain events using satellite data Dr. Bipasha Paul Shukla ( For More Details Click Here
6 Development of UT (user terminal) to UT Voice, Image, Video and Data Communication APP (Android or iOS) using Bluetooth 2.0 or above wireless interface and custom protocol Shri. Amit Sinha ( Please Contact Experts
7 Quantum Secure Email Client Application Ms. Sumedha Goyal (
Shri. Pankaj Gupta (
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8 Domain Name Server (DNS) Filtering Service using Threat Intelligence feeds and AI/ML Techniques Shri. Yogesh Verma (
Shri. Rohit Tyagi (
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9 Development of software application for analysis and processing of dvbs2 receiver output stream i.e., raw BB Frames, GSE and TS in near real time Shri. Narender Kumar (
Shri. Sunil Kumar (