AdVance HYperspectral data Analysis Software (AVHYAS)

(Developed by Hyperspectral Techniques Development Division (AMHTDG, EPSA, SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380015)

AdVance HYperspectral data Analysis Software (AVHYAS-version-1) is an in-house developed tool for the processing, analysis and visualization of hyperspectral data. AVHYAS tool has been plugged in with QGIS platform which is an open source GIS environment to have the GIS capabilities and extend QGIS for hyperspectral image analysis. AVHYAS is built on back end framework Python 3.7, Scikit-learn, GDAL, tensor flow while front end is QGIS 3.14 with QT designer. Major modules of AVHYAS are atmospheric correction, deep learning classification, data fusion, spectral unmixing, feature extraction, target detection, geophysical applications etc. along with data quality evaluation, preprocessing and basic tools.

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Exploring the Antarctic

This book presents the highlights of various scientific studies in the Antarctic region undertaken by Space Applications Centre (SAC-ISRO) using the earth observation data and decade long experience (2009-2019) of participation in the expeditions to Antarctica coordinated by National Centre of Polar and Ocean Research (ESSO-NCPOR). The studies include technique development and analysis of sea ice, ice sheet and ice shelves using sensors launch by ISRO such as AltiKa, SCATSAT-1, OSCAT, MSMR, RISAT, AWiFS, LISS-III, LISS-IV etc. Field studies include measurements at Bharati and Maitri stations

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SPI and VCI based real time drought monitoring for Indian region

Drought is a complex natural phenomenon which impact agriculture enormously. Early detection of drought helps stakeholders to take counter measures and provide timely advisories. VEDAS has newly added drought monitoring functionality in its basket by providing widely used Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) and Vegetation Condition Index (VCI).

VEDAS is providing monthly and running 1-month weekly SPI at state as well as taluka levels. Monthly SPI is being calculated using CHIRPS precipitation data while running 1-month weekly SPI is being calculated using NOAA and CHIRPS rainfall data based on 1981-2018 CHIRPS precipitation data. It is available at its vegetation condition dashboard. It is also enabled with spatial analysis (map) as well as data analysis (pie chart and bar chart) functionalities.

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Experimental short range water level and inundation forecast for the Brahmaputra river

Being the highest specific discharge river system in the world, the Brahmaputra river experiences number of long-duration flood waves during the monsoon season annually. Therefore, WRF-Hydro model is setup and is used to predict 3-day water level and inundation probability during the monsoonal flood condition in the Brahmaputra river at Guwahati gauge station and this prediction is visualised on VEDAS.

Water level of various waterbodies over India derived from satellite altimetry is also visualised in Hydrology Application.

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